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Viking Visual Studios

Viking Visual Studios is a state-of-the-art production facility under the direction of Tara Bordeaux. Ms. B. is an award-winning filmmaker, photographer, and author from Los Angeles, who has over ten years of experience in Television and Film production. Some of her professional credits can be found on IMDB.


Programs of Study

Of all the career industries, the Arts, Media, and Entertainment field requires perhaps the greatest cross-disciplinary interaction. Visual artists create art to communicate ideas, thoughts, or feelings using a variety of methods - fine art (painting, sculpting, drawing, etc.), and digital art (photography, filmmaking, animation, design, music production, etc.). Students involved in the Viking Visual program focus on digital art and technology and utilize their artistic and creative skills to provide award winning services to commercial clients, such as major corporations, as well as advertising, design and publishing firms, news media outlets, film companies, and more.


Digital Communications Courses

Audio Video Production I/Lab (9th-10th Grade)

Audio Video Production II/Lab (10th-11th Grade)

Practicum in Audio Video Production I (11th-12th Grade)

Practicum in Audio Video Production II (12th Grade)


Design and Multimedia Arts Courses

Digital Design and Media Production (9th-10th Grade)

Commercial Photography I/Lab (10th-11th Grade)

Commercial Photography II/Lab (11th-12th Grade)

Practicum in Digital Design and Media Production (11th-12th)


The pathways are highly versatile and due to the nature of fast changing technology, skill sets taught are constantly evolving to meet the demands of the industry. Learning the skills and knowledge for creating, refining, and sharing work in the Arts, Media, and Entertainment industry sector promotes teamwork, communication, creative thinking, and decision-making abilities—traits that are necessary to function successfully in the competitive and media-rich twenty-first century. Through the manipulation of sight, sound, and motion, those choosing the reach out in unique ways to enhance the quality of life for those around them.



Adobe Certified Associate- Premiere Pro CC and Photoshop CC

Facebook Certified Digital Marketing 

Current Industry Partners

Feel free to check out some of the amazing organizations we work with.

KLRU - Austin, TX
Ableton, Inc - Los Angeles, CA
IBM - Austin, TX
KnockOut Media - Los Angeles, CA
SXSWEDU - Austin,
TX E4Youth - Austin, TX
UT Austin RTF - Austin, TX
P-TECH - Brooklyn, NY


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Check out some of our televised and broadcasted production work:

American Graduate Champion: Andy Roddick (KLRU)

American Graduate Champion: Karen Yokum (KLRU)

Misinformation Overload – PBS NewsHour

Austin ISD Lanier HS Champion: Emily Hersh (SXSW)

Austin ISD Lanier HS Champion: Josh Rogers (SXSW)

Travis County PSA Competition 2017 :60 ENG – First Place – Alexa Blanco

Travis County PSA Competition 2017 :30 ENG – First Place – Cris Solorzano

Legacy of Giving – PSA Contest 2016 – First Place – Isaiah Rogers