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The purpose of our Early College High School is to enable students to receive a high school diploma and an associate's degree by taking a mixture of high school and Austin Community College classes throughout their 4 years at Navarro Early College High School.

Students are provided with academic and social support services that allow them to achieve 60 college credit hours by the time they graduate high school, increasing college readiness and decreasing barriers to a post-secondary education.

All of this, at no cost to them. 


If you are an 8th grader at Burnet, Webb, or Dobie Middle Schools, we will be coming to your school to speak with you during the spring semester about the exciting opportunities offered at Navarro.


Austin Community College


ACC is our Early College Higher Education partner, giving students access to high-quality college instruction, tutoring labs, libraries, and an accredited institution for their college credits and degree(s).

Academy Leadership

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Nydia Ortiz, ECHS and Dual Credit Counselor -

Nahum Pacheco, IBM Industry Liason -

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