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The purpose of our Early College High School is to enable students to receive a high school diploma and an associate's degree by taking a mixture of high school and Austin Community College classes throughout their 4 years at Navarro Early College High School.

Students are provided with academic and social support services that allow them to achieve 60 college credit hours by the time they graduate high school, increasing college readiness and decreasing barriers to a post-secondary education.

All of this, at no cost to them.



What is the IBM P-TECH Program?

IBM P-TECH consists of rigorous, educational opportunities that are connected to the area's labor market demands and in-line with IBM's computer and IT needs. With the help of an IBM-provided liaison, students take part in ACC courses during their high school years. Successful completion of the program results in an Associate of Applied Science Degree in either Computer Programming or User Experience Design. 

Students will bolster their career readiness through mentoring, work-based education and paid internships throughout the duration of the program. Proper completion of the program ensures that students graduate with the skills necessary to be 'first-in-line' for job interviews at IBM.

IBM P-TECH is a tuition-free program.


Austin Independent School District, Austin Community College and Navarro Early College High School have teamed up in order to make college a possibility for ALL students. All three entities are collaborating to advance opportunities for students who might not otherwise seek a post-secondary credential.

Our common ideology has allowed the Early College High School Program at Navarro to foster a culture where students demonstrate individual determination to overcome the challenges that are brought about by their venture into an authentic, collegiate setting. Parents and students alike are fully aware of the demands that will be placed on our student cohorts just as much as they are aware of the valuable resources, assistance, and guidance that will be made available to them.                                                                   

Please contact us today and see how your son or daughter can take advantage of this life-changing opportunity.

Jason Berinsky, ECHS Coordinator

(512) 414-7491