Navarro Early College High School

Class of 2023 Fundraiser

In an effort to provide the Class of 2023 with the best prom possible, we need your help! Please consider contributing to our Class of 2023 fundraiser and purchasing a bag (or more!) of Double Good Popcorn. Our fundraiser lasts for only 4 days (Wednesday, March 2nd - Monday, March 6th) so don't waste time! All Seniors have been challenged with selling at least 1 bag of popcorn so someone may ask you! If they don't, you can use the link below to order your popcorn and to share with people you know.  Popcorn is delivered right to the homes of customers, anywhere in the US, so out-of-state family and friends can participate too!  Our goal is to raise $3,000 so please share this link with everyone and if they ask why the price is so high tell them it's because this popcorn isn't just good, it's DOUBLE GOOD and the proceeds are going towards a great cause!