Navarro Early College High School


The Navarro Cosmetology  program is a CTE interactive program that allows students the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills for careers in the cosmetology field. The program is taught by licensed Cosmetology Instructors, Kristy Bogen and Koehler Molina. Students will receive information and skills that are real-world applicable and are sought after qualities in the Cosmetology Industry. 
Certifications/Career Opportunities Earned During the Program: Cosmetology Operator License through Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations. 
Course Description Info: 
Intro to Cosmetology, Grade 10
In Introduction to Cosmetology, students explore careers in the Cosmetology industry.  To prepare for success, students must have academic and technical knowledge and skills relative to the industry.  Students may begin hours toward state licensing requirements.
Cosmetology 1: Grade 11
Students coordinate integration of academic, career, and technical knowledge and skills in this laboratory instructional course designed to provide job-specific training for hair care, nail care and skin care.  
Cosmetology 2: Grade 12.
In Cosmetology 2, students will demonstrate proficiency in academic, technical, and practical knowledge and skills.  The content is designed to provide the occupational skills required for licensure.  Instruction includes advanced training in professional employability skills, TDLR rules and regulations, use of tools, equipment, technologies and materials and practical skills.