Navarro Early College High School

Ready Set Teach

The Education and Training program offers students an opportunity to learn the knowledge and skills necessary to become classroom teachers, para-educators, outdoor educators, principals, school counselors, coaches, yoga instructors, and any other profession in the teaching and training field.

“Teaching is the profession on which all other professions depend”

               -Linda Darling-Hammond President and CEO of the Learning Policy Institute


Our program at Navarro is part of the district initiative to “Cultivate Tomorrow’s Teacher’s”. See more information here


Certifications, Professional Affiliations, and Career Opportunities Include:

  • CPR/AED/First Aid Certification - for infants, children, and adults
  • Shaken Baby Syndrome Certification · Texas Education Agency- Educational Aide1 Certification
  • Austin ISD ParaEducator Certification
  • Austin ISD Elementary Substitute Certification
  • Texas Association of Future Educators - State Affiliation
  • Educator’s Rising- National Affiliation
  • Community Service- Earn 40+ hours of service
  • 300+ hours of classroom experience- as part of the Ready, Set, Teach internship


 Course Sequence

  •  Child Development (1 credit)
  •  Instructional Practices (2 credits)
  •  Practicum in Education and Training (2 credits) 



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