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Apply to Navarro Early College Programs (ECHS & P-TECH):

Apply for Navarro Early College Programs through the AISD Common Application by clicking here.

Instrucciones de aplicación en español


Aplicar a Austin Community College


Paso 1: Inicie su aplicación navegando a, y luego haciendo clic en el botón Apply Now
Paso 2: Complete la solicitud siguiendo las instrucciones de este documento:
También puede ver un video que lo guiará a través del proceso de solicitud aquí.:
Si no tiene un número de seguro social, debe completar este formulario: Programas de escuela secundaria Solicitud de identificación alternativa
ACC luego le enviará lo que se llama un "número 900" que usará en lugar de un número de seguro social para completar la solicitud. ¡TODAVÍA DEBE COMPLETAR LA SOLICITUD ACC!
Paso 3: Cuando su solicitud esté completa, recibirá un correo electrónico con su ACC eID. Una vez que reciba este correo electrónico (puede tardar hasta 24 horas después de enviar su solicitud), complete este formulario para finalizar su inscripción a la clase:
Paso 4: Active su cuenta de correo electrónico ACC y complete su orientación en línea, siguiendo las instrucciones de este documento:


Apply to Austin Community College

Step 1: Start your application by navigating to, and then clicking the Apply Now button.
Step 2: Complete the application, following the instructions in this document:
You can also watch a video guiding you through the application process here:
If you do not have a social security number, you need to fill out this form: High School Programs Alternate ID Request
ACC will then send you what is called a "900 number" which you will use in place of a social security number to complete the application.  YOU MUST STILL COMPLETE THE ACC APPLICATION!
Step 3: When your application is complete, you will receive an email with your ACC eID.  Once you get this email (can take up to 24 hours after submitting your application), please fill out this form to finalize your class registration:
Step 4: Activate your ACC email account and complete your online orientation, following the instructions in this document:

The purpose of our Early College High School is to enable students to receive a high school diploma and an associate's degree by taking a mixture of high school and Austin Community College classes throughout their 4 years at Navarro Early College High School.

Students are provided with academic and social support services that allow them to achieve 60 college credit hours by the time they graduate high school, increasing college readiness and decreasing barriers to a post-secondary education.

All of this, at no cost to them. 


If you are an 8th grader at Burnet, Webb, or Dobie Middle Schools, we will be coming to your school to speak with you during the spring semester about the exciting opportunities offered at Navarro.


Austin Community College


ACC is our Early College Higher Education partner, giving students access to high-quality college instruction, tutoring labs, libraries, and an accredited institution for their college credits and degree(s).

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