Credit Recovery

If a students fails to pass a portion of their course, Navarro is happy to offer the following as credit recovery options.

To find out more about recovering lost credits, please speak with your cohort counselor to discuss options.


DELTA is an academic program available to students who are currently enrolled at Navarro. The DELTA Program provides individualized, self-paced instruction that will help students earn academic credits and graduate from high school. The DELTA program is offered within a scheduled class during the school day where students work at their own pace to complete course curriculum meeting the State of Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) requirements for courses they previously failed or need to take.

Students often access course curriculum through an online, web-based program. In some instances, DELTA teachers may provide offline course instruction using AISD curriculum. Students enroll in DELTA during the school year and stay enrolled until they complete the courses for which they were assigned.


Twilight Evening School provides high school students the opportunity to regain lost credits during the extended hours of 4:30pm to 7:30pm, Monday through Thursday. Students have the opportunity to recapture credits using on-line or teacher-led instruction classes.

Twilight Program helps to increase graduation rates using several strategies to:

  • Recover students who have dropped out and re-enroll them offering extended hours as an incentive to get back on track toward graduation;
  • Offer all students to regain high school course credit;
  • Prepare for standardized tests (i.e., EOC preparation classes)

Yearlong Averaging

Yearlong averaging occurs when both semester averages are added together and divided be two to award the student with a full credit. For example, if student A failed semester 1 with a 64 and passed semester 2 with a 76, the student would receive full credit for the class with a yearlong average of 70.

Credit by Exam (CBE)

A student in grades 9 -12 may be awarded credit based on performance on a CBE taken with no prior instruction. Students who have had no prior instruction must be awarded credit for the applicable course if the student receives — 

  • a score of 80% or higher on the CBE assessment, 
  • a three or higher on an AP exam, 
  • a scaled score of 50 or higher on a CLEP exam.

If a student is awarded credit, the registrar will enter the examination score on the student's transcript, and the student is not required to take an applicable end-of-course assessment for the course.

If a student fails to earn credit by exam for a high school course before the beginning of the school year when the student would normally be expected to enroll in that course according to the district’s course sequence, the student must satisfactorily complete the course to earn credit.

A student may not attempt to earn credit by exam for the same high school subject more than two times.

Garza High School Online

Garza High School Online provides opportunities for AISD students to enroll in online courses for either high school credit recovery or credit acceleration. These courses are self-paced; however, they must be completed in a two-semester period during the Garza academic school year. These online courses are free of charge and available to students enrolled in AISD who are in grades 8 through 12.

To begin the enrollment process for Garza High School Online all students must first be approved by their cohort counselor and submit the online application to Garza High School Online. For further information, contact Garza High School Online at (512) 414-8622.