Social Emotional Learning

We believe that Social Emotional Learning is at the heart of equity-centered systems and structures. In an effort to grow this belief into a reality, the SEL and Cultural Proficiency and Inclusiveness department has adopted a new statement of purpose for our work together. Our goal is to use and grow our social and emotional skills while creating brave, respectful, collaborative spaces to support all students, staff, families and communities throughout our school.

Social and Emotional Learning is a process for helping children and adults develop fundamental knowledge, skills and attitudes for life effectiveness. SEL teaches the skills we all need to handle ourselves, our relationships, and our work effectively and ethically:

  • develop healthy identities
  • manage emotions
  • achieve personal and collective goals
  • feel and show empathy for others
  • establish and maintain supportive relationships
  • make responsible and caring decisions.
  • handle challenging situations constructively and ethically

These skills and concepts are integrated in academic lessons and practiced to enhance the climate of the school. Out-of-school time providers and parents reinforce SEL skills as well.