The Navarro Business program is a CTE interactive program that allows students the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills for careers in the business and entrepreneurship field. 

The program is taught by Medina Willis, who is an 11 year teacher at Navarro. Students will receive information and skills that are real-world applicable and are sought after qualities in all business fields. Financial literacy is a major component of the Business program. Students who are enrolled must manage their own class bank accounts, hold class jobs to earn a paycheck, pay rent and electricity bills monthly, learn about investing and insurance, as well as plan and execute community service events. 

Students start with Principles of Business and can work their way to earning a high school Business endorsement, food handlers license, and compete for student owned business funding through programs such as Junior Achievement and partnerships with local business. Viking Business Club offers students additional opportunities to practice employment skills through participation in fairs, event planning, and guest speakers.