Ready Set Teach

The Education and Training program offers students an opportunity to learn the knowledge and skills necessary to become classroom teachers, para-educators, outdoor educators, principals, school counselors, coaches, yoga instructors, and any other profession in the teaching and training field.

“Teaching is the profession on which all other professions depend”

-Linda Darling-Hammond President and CEO of the Learning Policy Institute

Our program at Navarro is part of the district initiative to “Cultivate Tomorrow’s Teacher’s”.

Certifications, Professional Affiliations, and Career Opportunities Include:

  • CPR/AED/First Aid Certification - for infants, children, and adults

  • Shaken Baby Syndrome Certification · Texas Education Agency- Educational Aide1 Certification

  • Austin ISD ParaEducator Certification

  • Austin ISD Elementary Substitute Certification

  • Texas Association of Future Educators - State Affiliation
  • Educator’s Rising- National Affiliation
  • Community Service- Earn 40+ hours of service
  • 300+ hours of classroom experience- as part of the Ready, Set, Teach internship

 Course Sequence

  •  Child Development (1 credit)
  •  Instructional Practices (2 credits)
  •  Practicum in Education and Training (2 credits) 

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